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The  International Collie  Society

This popular yearbook, originally entitled "The International Collie Handbook", was first published in 1980 by Audrey Chatfield of the Dunsinane Collies. Following the Millennium edition Audrey decided to hand over the editorship to Lene Halvorsen who produced the 2001 and 2002 editions before the arrival of her first child. It was then agreed the International Collie Society [the Society that Audrey had established in 1984] should take on the responsibility for its future. In 2003 Val Geddes and Pat Hutchinson were elected as editors and the Handbook renamed "The International Collie Society's Handbook".


The Handbook remains a most popular publication and so, at the end of 2008, Pat and Val agreed to try some younger blood to introduce a fresh approach and a more international flavour. UK’s Jan Milligan - Alfsden Collies, was therefore elected as the new Advertising Editor with Samantha Buckley - Kirrieloch Collies, from ‘down under’, as the new Features Editor. This arrangement was for one year and was a gallant effort by both Editors.  Difficulties with the distance were experienced so it was decided that for 2011 onwards:-


Val Geddes (Ingledene, email; Features Editor.

Jan Milligan (Alfsden Collies, email; Advertising Editor


Please support Jan and Val by sending in kennel adverts and articles in good time.


Some back copies of the International Collie Handbook may still be available for purchase at competitive prices. Please check with either Val or John Geddes on 01691 778809, email; or your nearest agent.

The 2014 Handbook is now available, please contact John Geddes to discuss payment and postage options.

Some previous editions of the Handbook are still available, click on the years below to check availability and content. Contact John Geddes to discuss payment and postage options.


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